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About New Way Hearing Aids®

New Way Hearing is family owned and operated by Michael & Linda Knapp, and their son-in-law Eric Overton. The Knapp's & Overton's reside only two doors down from each other and less than a mile from their Orange Park Clinic.

Their family team has been dispensing hearing aids and hearing related care in the Jacksonville & Orange Park areas for nearly ten years. 

By committing to the needs of their patients first, they have built a tremendous patient base of nearly 5,200 truly satisfied patients. 

"People over profits" is just one of the mottos Michael has instilled in the entire New Way Hearing® family team, and they firmly believe this is what's led to the amazing success of their practice.

We're not just about fitting Hearing Aids...

Comprehensive hearing rehabilitation and effective communication is the main goal for all of our patients.

"The reason we named the company New Way Hearing was precisely because we set out to deliver hearing care based on our own high ideals in a whole 'new way'," Michael had said on one of the many TV shows he's been on.

Michael & Linda decided from the very start to put their whole focus on their patient's experience first. From the initial phone call, to walking in the door of one of their clinics and having a Free Comprehensive Hearing Exam preformed, they do everything they can to make each patient feel welcomed and at ease through the entire process. 

Their hearing care professionals will take into account not only what type and degree of hearing loss you may have, but also your lifestyle and budgetary requirements as well. They will thoroughly educate you over the entire process to ensure the absolute best outcome is attained. 

​​New Way Hearing deals directly with the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the world , which offers you the very best technology for your unique hearing needs at a very competitive price. They're also aligned with the leading insurance providers, and will verify benefits, as well as file claims if your insurance plan offers hearing aid coverage.

Many of the so-called 'Big Box' stores like Sam's Club® and Costco® are now selling hearing aids at reduced prices. What sets New Way Hearing apart is that they can still compete with these big retailers on price, but well out perform them with their overall hearing care and patient experience that they provide. 

Whether you've been wearing hearing aids for years, or are getting your hearing tested for the first time, New Way Hearing promises to offer you the highest standard of care in the Jacksonville area. 

All of the hearing aids New Way Hearing dispenses come with a Risk Free Trial Period, whereby if you are not 100% satisfied they'll give you every penny back. 

All of their hearing aids also come with:

• Three Year Warranties!
• Three Year Loss & Damage Insurance Plans!
• Available Three Years Free Batteries Programs!
• Lifetime Free Office Visits!
• Free Ear Cleaning on most of their Patients!
• And, The Best 'Refer-a-Friend' Program In Town!

If you are looking for a hearing healthcare provider in the greater Jacksonville area, you need not look any further than the dedicated and caring family team of professionals at New Way Hearing.

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