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Hearing Aid Repair 
Orange Park FL Area

NEW WAY HEARING offers hearing aid repair services on all makes & models of hearing aids in the Orange Park, FL area.

We are multi-line, dealing directly with the leading manufacturers in the world. Most often we are able to perform simple repairs in our own Labs. If the repair is too extensive, we can send it to either the manufacturer, or a third party lab for repair.  

If you, or someone you know, is in need of a Hearing Aid Repair in the Orange Park, Florida area...

Michael B. Knapp, President & CEO of New Way Hearing​​
 Performing a Hearing Aid Repair in our lab.

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​Many times we can fit you with a 'loaner' device while your aid is in for repair!

And very often we perform simple repairs FREE of charge!

100% FREE
Hearing Aid Trials!

  • NEW WAY HEARING offers 100% FREE Hearing Aid Trials to eligible candidates...

  • This is a great program for someone in need of a repair to have a 'loaner' device!

  • In order to qualify, you would first need to have a comprehensive hearing test.

  • We offer FREE 30-Day Trials on the Lyric® Invisible Hearing Aids!

  • And we offer FREE 2-Week Trials on Unitron® Flex:trial Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids!

  • There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION TO BUY, so you can TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!

  • Call us today to schedule your FREE Appointment to see if you're a candidate for our FREE Trial program! 

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If you have a hearing aid that isn't working for some reason, please call us today and we'll be happy to evaluate it for you.  

Our Hearing Aid Clinic in Orange Park is multi-line, which deals direct with most of the top hearing aid manufacturers in the world. This means we can send your device in for repair to these manufacturers, or one of the third-party labs that we have accounts with. If you do need your hearing aid repaired, you won't find any better price and service within a 100 miles!

If you, or someone you know in the Orange Park, Florida area is in need of a hearing aid repair,

please call us today for a FREE Appointment.
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Hearing Aid Repair 
Orange Park, FL
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