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New Way Hearing Aids® Pricing

New Way Hearing is a Multi-Line Dispensership.

We have access to over 5000 different hearing aids from the leading manufacturers in the world. This means that pricing on hearing aids is very broad, ranging from economy level to premium level devices.

The number one factor in selecting the proper hearing aids for someone, is knowing the person's hearing loss. We have to fit the hearing loss first. There's a wide range of technology levels, which are considered per an individual's lifestyle needs. There are also many different styles of hearing aids, as well as fitting ranges of hearing aid strenghts, (Matrix), we have to also take into consideration. All of these factors combind are what truly determine the price ponit of the hearing aids.

What separates New Way Hearing from the vast majority of our competitors, is that we do our very best to get the right hearing aids for your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. We don't just start with the 'premium level' devices like most of our competitors do. And we talk about money right up front!

We look at your Insurance Plan, and file claims if you have insurance coverage on hearing aids.

The bottom line is, we do everything we can to get the best hearing solution(s) for you that you can truly afford. We GUARANTEE the best prices and service on hearing aids in the area... PERIOD!

We Accept These Various Forms of Payment

Refurbished Hearing Aids

Start at $350 per unit

Refurbished hearing aids are typically between 3 - 5 years old, which have been sterilized and anylized to be in good working order. This is a great option for someone who's truly unable to afford new devices. Most often these are dispensed 'as-is' with no warranty, loss & damage insurance, or free battery program.

Economy Level Hearing Aids

Start at $750 per unit

Economy Level devices are brand new. These are for folks who's lifestyle doesn't require more advanced features, like wind noise and feedback management, or automatic programming. These devices come wih 3 years warranty and loss & damage insurance, along with available free battery program.

Mid Level
Hearing Aids

Start at $1,250 per unit

Mid Level devices work very well with the vast majority of people. They have all of the technology and fetures someone woud truly need, even with a pretty active lifestyle. These devices come wih 3 years warranty and loss & damage insurance, along with available free battery program.

Premium Level Hearing Aids

Start at $1,950 per unit

Premium Level devices are for folks that want, and can afford, the very best technology. These devices have  the most advanced features. A person with a very dynamic lifestyle would do best with these. These devices come with 3 years warranty and loss & damage insurance, along with 3 years free batteries and an included electronic hearing aid dryer.

New Way Hearing Aids® Over-the-Phone & Internet Pricing Policy

Per Florida Law, all Licensed Hearing Aid Providers have to review a complete Audiogram (Hearing Test Results) that has been preformed within the previous six (6) months. We are unable to make any recommendations on Hearing Aids without looking at these results, and therefore would be unable to offer any pricing related to hearing aids until we're able to review an Audiogram.

We often have folks calling in, emailing, or submitting an online form, asking for pricing on hearing aids, which we are not able to offer without knowing what kind of hearing loss they have, what degree their hearing loss is, what their Speech Discrimination Scores are, or even without looking into their ears (Otoscopy) to have a visual inspection to make sure there aren't any pathologies, excessive earwax (Cerumen) blocking the eardurm (Tympanic Membrane), or if there are any anatomical, tactile, or cognitive issues.

Again, we have access to over 5000 hearing aids, and all hearing aids differ on price. The best way for us to offer you, or anyone, an upfront honest quote on hearing aids is to come in for either a FREE Consultation , if you have a recent Audiogram, or let us give you a FREE Hearing Test . Then, and only then, will we be able to follow the letter of the law, and offer you our best recommendation. I hope this explains the reason behind our policy. Thank you for understanding!


Michael B. Knapp
President & Founder
New Way Hearing

P.S. What other Hearing Health Care Provider even lists pricing information? ANSWER: No one!
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New Way Hearing Aids® Prices


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