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Tinnitus Treatment Orange Park FL

New Way Hearing® has a wide variety of devices that can help with tinnitus in the Orange Park, FL area.

Tinnitus is a sound that people hear that does not have an external source. Most tinnitus suffers complain of constant, or periodic, ringing in their ears. Others say it sounds like buzzing, humming, or crickets. There are also some people who can hear their own heart beating. Whatever the sound may be, it can be very irritating, and sometimes downright debilitating. 
There is no real 'universal treatment' for tinnitus, but one of the most effective and widely used today are hearing devices with "Tinnitus Maskers." These devices help drowned the noise out. Many suffers with various types of tinnitus find help with simple amplification at the frequency range they are hearing the tinnitus, like a high-pitched ringing in their ears. 
The first step for anyone suffering from tinnitus is to have a comprehensive hearing evaluation. We offer this completely FREE of charge! We also provide 'Tinnitus Mapping' that can help to determine the frequency range and intensity level of where the sound is being heard.

Please call us today to schedule a Free Consultation, or Hearing Test, to learn about the various options we offer for tinnitus treatment... (904) 644-8779

Michael B. Knapp, HAS, ACA, BC-HIS
President & Founder of New Way Hearing Aids, Inc.
Hearing Aid Specialist
Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences
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New Way Hearing® offers a very unique experience in hearing healthcare and tinnitus treatment. We treat every patient as a special individual to fit your personal individual needs. 

Please know, we are not just about fitting hearing aids. We are about comprehensive hearing rehabilitation. Effective communication and interaction is the main goal for all our patients, along with helping folks with tinnitus issues.

Our Hearing Clinic in Orange Park is multi-line, which deals directly with the leading hearing aid and tinnitus device manufacturers in the world. This means we can accommodate just about any hearing loss, lifestyle and budget, and we are also aligned with most insurances carriers. Plus, if you do need hearing aids, you won't find any better price and service in town. And we guarantee that!

We offer:
  • FREE trial programs* on hearing aids
  • FREE Ear wax removal** 
  • Custom ear molds for musicians, hearing protection, & swimmers
  • FREE hearing test, consultations, tinnitus mappint & evaluations
  • And, we do house calls for non-ambulatory patients!***

If you, or someone you know in the Orange Park, Florida area is having tinnitus proplems, please call us today for a FREE no obligation Hearing Test with Tinnitus Mapping and available options. (904) 644-8779
Limited supply & time offer. **Able to perform on most patients, but not all. ***Depending on location and scheduling.
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